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Google hires Danielle Brown as its New Vice President of Diversity

Success is a collaborative effort

Google is continuously launching various types of projects and investing large amounts to diversify its workforce. The latest diversity report of the company is showing that it still needs a long way to go. Point to be noted that Google has at least 31 percent female personnel of its entire population of employees and they are just 20 percent involved in the Tech workforce of the

University of Michigan has Started “Mcity” Self-driving Shuttles

University of Michigan has Started “Mcity” Self-driving Shuttles

The University of Michigan has been considered one of the most attractive places like a hotbed about the research in self-driving car. So, it might be the main reason that faculty and students are frequently using self-driving vehicles to get around. The University has indicated that the public-private partnership of the university “Mcity” is launching a driverless shuttle service.

New York will Review Voting infrastructure to prevent Hacking: Cuomo

New York will Review Voting infrastructure to prevent Hacking: Cuomo

Between the enhancing investigations regarding the Russian penetration in the U.S Presidential election, New York is looking to take initiative in checking whether anybody interfered with their voting machines. The New York Governor Cuomo has assigned task to the Cyber Security Advisory Board of the State for both investigate conceivable penetrations and review the entire voting infrastructure of the State to find out weak points that might be helpful for hackers in the expected cyber attacks in the future.

Powerful Surveillance Tech sold by the UK Defense Company to Middle East

Powerful Surveillance Tech sold by the UK Defense Company to Middle East

The BBC has reported that he BAE Systems (the UK defense company) had sold powerful inspection technology to various Middle Eastern countries. This report came out after one year long investigation organized by BBC Arabic and the Danish newspaper (Dagbladet Information). The alleged surveillance technology was sold through ETI (a Danish branch of BAE Systems). The BAE Systems had created a system called Evident in order to enable government in arranging massive inspection.

Fingerprint Check-in Testing started at 2 U.S Airports from TSA

Fingerprint Checking

It will always not be a good experience to stand in line at the airport for hours to get a pat down when you are at the end. The new biometric fingerprint tech of TSA would make the air travel more exciting experience for most travelers. The new implementation will be started in the current week and fingerprint sensors of Transport Security Administration will go through the proof of concept examination at Denver International Airport and

Experience a Colorful Cloud Show Tonight: NASA

NASA Cloud Show

NASA is putting on a show tonight and the residents of East Coast will get a chance to see the colorful clouds show. It has been considered a part of an experiment in tracking how particles travel in space. Researchers will release bright and color-changing vapors into the sky and the time is scheduled after 9 pm. The scientists at Wallops Flight Facility Virginia will launch a

Protest Rallies across the U.S against Islamic Law

Rallies Against Islamic Law

On Saturday, some small but harsh protests across the country targeted the notion that extremist interpretations of Islamic law can affect American democracy. But many of the rallies drew even more boisterous counter-protests by people who called such fears an unfounded distortion of Islam. Hundreds of counter-protesters marched through downtown Seattle, banging drums,

Why Uber Executive Alexander Fired from the Company?

Why Uber Executive Alexander Fired from the Company?

The issues of Uber with corporate culture haven’t yet finished due to company has fired 20 people. The New York Times and Recode have reported that the ridesharing company has fired the president Asia-Pacific, Eric Alexander. The step was taken after discovering that he obtained the medical records of a woman allegedly raped in New Delhi, India by her Uber driver.

NSA confirmed that Russian Intelligence Targeted U.S Voting Systems

U.S Voting System

The Intercept published top-secret documents of the National Security Agency. These documents have indicated that Russian military intelligence agency penetrated in a U.S voting-software company and managed a secret campaign and targeted at least 100 local election officials. So, the cyber-attacks happened before and during the days of U.S Presidential Elections

Did Mayor of London issue Alarming Situation for any expected Terrorist Attack?

Mayor of London Sadiq khan

The U.S President Donald Trump tweeted on 4th June 2017 in response to comments delivered by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan after a terrorist attack that caused critical situation and killed more than 7 people in the British capital, London. The U.S President Donald Trump expressed his response against the comments delivered by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan