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2nd Test Launch of Electron Rocket on 8th December in New Zealand: Rocket Lab

2nd Test Launch of Electron Rocket on 8th December in New Zealand: Rocket Lab

A 10-day window will be opened on Friday, 8th December at 2:30 PM New Zealand time for a launch of an Electron rocket by the Rocket Lab. This window will be opened each day for 4 hours and it is the 2nd test called “Still Testing”. The supposed launch of the rocket will take place from the facility of the company at Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand. It has been considered the 1st launch that Rocket Lab has live streamed to the public.

Candlelight Observance in Laguna at World AIDS Day on 1st December

World AIDS Day

Once again on Friday, Laguna Beach will honor people in a ceremony died from AIDS and this event will take place at Main Beach. The HIV Advisory Committee of the city has planned a candlelight observance on the cobblestone area and it will be started at 5 pm. The participants will read names of loved ones and friends died from a most critical disease. The U.S Department

FBI officials were failed to warn about email hackers of Russia

FBI and Russian email hackers

There isn’t any secret that personal email accounts of the American officials were targeted by the Russian hackers. But, the FBI was allegedly less than attentive in giving these targets a heads-up. The Associated Press has discovered it by conducting interviews of at least 80 people. These people were part of Russian Fancy Bear team as they tried to concede since 2015, but just 2 of

Why an investigation started by FTC against TripAdvisor?

Investigation against FTC

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported that TripAdvisor deleted a number of posts earlier this month. Those posts were allegedly warning other regarding assault and rape incidents happened at specific resorts in Mexico. Since then, a large number of similar stories have been circulating online. Now, the FTC (U.S Federal Trade Commission) is monitoring the business

Transgender Day of Remembrance and Official Statement of Rex Tillerson

Transgender Day of Remembrance and Official Statement of Rex Tillerson

The U.S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued an official statement on “Transgender Day of Remembrance”. He said it was a day to honor the memory of a number of transgender individuals who have lost their lives during violence. It also carried out by officials undermining the law in various parts in the world. Tillerson said that attacks on LGBTQ member community are on the rise in various parts in the U.S States.

NYPD Needs a Warrant Prior to Using Cell-Site Simulator: Judge

Nation Wide Protests

A judge in Brooklyn has marked that some evidence against the suspect will be thrown out due to the NYPD (New York Police Department) used a cell-site simulator to track down a murder suspect without a warrant. The cell-site simulator is famous for its brand name “Stingray”. The New York Times reported that the NYPD denied in the beginning, but later accepted the use of

A Police Detective in Baltimore critically injured during investigation

Baltimore Police officer injured

On Wednesday evening, a homicide police detective in Baltimore was shot in the head and critically injured. The police officials have indicated that this incident has happened when he confronted a man during a killing investigation in Northwest Baltimore. The Police Commissioner Kevin Davis identified injured officer as an 18-years old veteran. He left fighting

At least 1 Dead and 7 Injured due to a Heavy Windy Storm in Seattle

At least 1 Dead and 7 Injured due to a Heavy Windy Storm in Seattle

Some news networks have reported that at least one person killed and 5 people were injured on Monday. A heavy storm knocked around Seattle and most of Western Washington with massive winds up to 83 mph in various places including pounding rain. The spokesperson for the office of King County Sheriff, Cindi West said in a tweet that an incident happened

Is Turkish-Iranian businessman Raza Zarrab still in prison?

Raza Zarrab

The Daily Hürriyet has reported on 11th November that Turkish-Iranian jailed businessman Raza Zarrab is currently in the New York. His lawyer Seyda Yildirim said that Zarrab wasn’t freed from prison due to there is another trial and it will take place on 27th November 2017. She further added that there isn’t any truth about his release. She said that the website of the Federal

EVs will be built by Ford with Chinese automaker in a deal

Over the past couple of months, China has been making plans and deals to detach its country’s cars off fossil fuels. In the month of July, Daimler agreed to pair up with Chinese automaker BAIC to invest $735 million in EV infrastructure. Ford has just started its own venture, a 50-50 partnership with manufacturer Zotye Auto for a joint investment of $756 million to manufacture

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