British literary legend Virginia Woolf is selected as Google Doodle Thursday

Virginia Woolf

The British literary luminary Virginia Woolf has been selected with a portrait for Google Doodle Thursday. This portrait was marked for her 136th Birthday. She was the author of Mrs. Dalloway to the Lighthouse and A Room of One’s Own. The life and work of Virginia Woolf considered highly attractive and motivated in the world of literature. Woolf was born on 25th January 1882 and her early life was mixed with creative connections. Her parents were high-profile figures in the literary and artistic community in London. Virginia Woolf, Leonard (her husband) and artist Vanessa Bell (her sister) will become main characters themselves in a thoughtful circle known as the Bloomsbury Group. This Group contains a collection of writers, artists, and planners who enjoyed beautiful moments with her during the first half of the 20th century.

Woolf was considered as one of the famous authors of her time. It was due to her presenting of modernism and campaigner narrations. She inspired various authors such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Margaret Atwood. Her groundbreaking series of consciousness novels got sharp compliments during her entire life. She was affected by recurring bouts of mental illness and tried to suicide in 1941. The Doodle model was created by Louise Pomeroy (London-based artist) and the portrait is similar to one of the most famous photographs of Woolf captured in 1902. This portrait has presented her peaceful and thoughtful profile. The Doodle of Woolf is also encircled with dropping dead leaves.

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