Rapper Dieuson Octave famous as Kodak Black arrested in Broward

On Thursday, deputies from the Sheriff Office of Broward arrested a 20-years old person Dieuson Octave, famous as Kodak Black. Records have indicated that he will face charges of grand theft of More »

Congressional Gold Medal Awarded to Former Sen. Bob Dole

On Wednesday, former U.S Senator Bob Dole collected the Congressional Gold Medal. It was due to his dedication to the nation as a “Brilliant legislator and soldier”. The House Speaker Paul Ryan More »

Famous Musician Dolores O’Riordan has passed Away at Age 46

Sudden death of The Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan shocked her friends and fans, especially those who were recently in contact with her. The PEOPLE issued a statement that a longtime friend of More »

The “Camila” Album of Camila Cabello

The Havana of Camila Cabello became the blessing hit during last weeks of 2017 and seeking to continue its move into the año nuevo. There weren’t various other twists from the land More »

No Complaints Against James Franco Regarding Sexual Harassment: HBO

James Franco won a Golden Globe for the Disaster Artist on Sunday. He has been a target of sexual misbehavior accusations on social media. It led to the termination of an event More »


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U.S President and its Administration is Destroying the U.S Economy: Vladimir Putin

A Facebook page “The Original Wake up People” posted a meme on 15th February 2016. This page republished an old meme and claimed a statement allegedly declared by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This meme claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the U.S President and his administration for the implementation of social democracy.

James Horton Wants to Have World’s Biggest Family

In the beginning of August 2015, an entertainment website Link Beef updated an article describing that a Jewish hotel mogul James Horton is recruiting more than one thousand women and offering 10,000 U.S dollars per month for life time for each woman. This was announced because Jewish hotel mogul James Horton needs to make the largest family in the world. He is offering to give 10,000 U.S dollars every month for life time for that woman who has a child with her.

Instagram Is Sending Emails to Boost User Engagement

Instagram is now planning to send emails to the users who have slowed down using it. Being a trendy social network, if the growth starts declining, instagram sends emails to those who are not using it frequently.

How to Become a Successful Property Dealer

If you want to become a successful property dealer, it’s not so that you just need to pass a licensing test. You need to do a lot more than just a test.  You have to develop a proper plan and a business insight. It’s not necessary that becoming a successful property dealer means that you are employed in a real estate firm. You can be self-employed and do a property business at your own.

Real Estate Investment is Evergreen

In almost all parts of the world, this year bought good news to all the real estate agents out there in the market. The experts claimed that the prosperity of world’s real estate market would be depending upon the year 2013 and this year might prove to be really positive for Pakistan’s realty sector.

Decrease in Smartphone Shipments to India During Q4 2014

Smartphone Shipments India

India knows for the its fast growth in the smart phone demand and industry, but this is the first time in this quarter, when the shipment of the smart phones have slowed down due to the left over inventory after the festive season of October and November. If we look at the forth quarter of the 2014, smartphones shipments fell to the four percent over quarter over quarter to 14%.

Outsourcing Web Development Projects – Pros and Cons

What does outsourcing and off shoring mean?

To get a better system of management for your company’s business processes, it is handed over to an external agency which provides it with good service quality, driving innovation and getting labor at low costs; this process is called outsourcing. When this process is not done within the country,

Tesla Plans to Expand its Superchargers Store Across UK

Tesla Superchargers Store

Recently the Tesla has a plan to expand its Superchargers network all around the UK, the opening store is not operational in Birmingham and in coming six months the whole chain around the UK will be done. Surprisingly the model S owners will get free charge up of their cars on these Superstations. On the completion of the network after six months the model S drivers will be able to drive from one end of the country to the second by just using Superchargers.

Things to Remember When Making a Diminished Value Claim in Florida

Diminished Value Florida Claim

Making a diminished value claim in Florida is not a big deal, if you have some of the specific required work done then it is good for you to make a claim instantly and get the compensation. Florida law is completely friendly for the people who want to make the diminished value claims but it is important for them that they should consider some of the important points that help them to make an effective claim.

China No Longer the Biggest Exporter of Rare Earth Metals

Rare Earth

Back in 2010, China was the biggest exporter of rare earth metals in the world. China held 97% share of the world market in rare earth metal till 2010. But the political dispute with Japan changed the whole scenario for China as well as for the whole world. On the ground of political differences with Japan back in 2011, China restricted its exporters to export rare earth metal in the world market.

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