Why Supreme Court of Kenya Cancelled Election Poll?

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of Kenya said that it nullified re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta due to the electoral commission rejected to initiate an investigation for its computerized system that transmitted More »

Democracy should be restored in Venezuela as soon as possible: Donald Trump

On Monday, the U.S President Donald Trump said that he needs democracy in Venezuela to be restored as soon as possible. He also warned that the United States will take additional steps More »

Hurricane Maria has become More Disastrous Storm near Caribbean Islands

Maria is becoming a major and more dangerous hurricane as it nears the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean. The U.S National Hurricane Center has indicated that category 1 hurricane will rapidly strengthen More »

4 Countries will be sanctioned by the U.S due to not cooperating on Deportees

On Wednesday, Trump administration has announced that the U.S government is punishing 4 countries for being uncooperative for accepting their nationals facing deportation from the United States. The U.S State Department and More »

What are the Next expected targets of Hurricane Irma?

Hurricane Irma is now moving towards Miami, after weaving a disastrous path through the Caribbean. The current movement of Irma is showing the Category 5 storm may head out to sea after More »


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5 Most Attractive Christmas Attractions in the UK

UK Christmas

When Christmas comes, then we find the Christmas as one of the leading events in different countries, but London is known for the unique and different attractions in all over the world, in this way, this is always cherish to see the beauty of London on Christmas celebrations. There are different attractions present, when serve the best parts of the services in all around the world, in this way, this is always a way of celebrating the Christmas in London.

Four Day Heritage Festival Held Across England

Heritage Festival Event

This is a record for England when heritage open days put on number of events around England, there have been recorded more than 4000 events during four days heritage festival. Have you ever thought to go behind the scenes at a museum, yup, these scenes are seen the England in the historic places where large number of building, which are historic buildings are opened for the prosperity of the people and tomorrow, all buildings will be opened for the thousands of the visitors.

MH370 Flight Search – 60,000 Square Km Area to be Looked For

MH370 Flight Search

According to the reports, it has been predicted that missing Malaysian airline had more than 1000 flight paths and experts have warned that flight could be flown to infinite number of tracks. It has been more than six months, when there are not any sign of finding the missing plane.

Isn’t an Ideal Time for School Holiday Snow Trip

School Holiday Snow Trip

September Holidays are a good option for the ski trip with the prediction that this season’s bumper snowfall coverage in south wales and Victoria could get boost next week. This is the right time to visit to enjoy the snowfall. “There is so much snow up there and there might be a top up on Wednesday with a peaking and a cool change and the snow will be down to 1200m,” said Ryan

Want to Visit an Island Country? Read this First

Maldives1 (1)22

Here we are going to tell you about the top-notch islands of the world, you will like to go there and enjoy your vacations. God has gifted this earth with countless natural beauties and natural scenes, which attract the eyes of the humankind.

Why to Buy Iraq Dinar

Iraqi Dinar News

Investment in foreign currency is profitable business, despite the fact that it is a little bit tough and challenging. Investors and buyers buy and sell currencies in replacement of one another in the foreign exchange market. Knowing the actions and tricks of investment in the foreign currency exchange markets, the experienced and skilled investors purchase Iraqi Dinars and get enormous profits by selling them when there increase in value of the currency occurs that they buy.

So, currency investment is an attractive investment chance to make big cash. The plan to buy Iraqi dinars and sell them against a different foreign currency knocks the jackpot for many buyers. It is a scheme “get-rich-quick-scheme”. Iraqi Dinar was introduced as a replacement of Rupee, Indian currency in 1931. The 2003 observed the new introduction of Iraqi dinar. The Iraqi dinar became worthless after its new issuance. It made currency an attractive investment by means of its investment. Today the current exchange rate of Iraqi dinar is 1167 per USD. This is the good opportunity to make investment in this currency.

Iraqi Dinar v/s Kuwaiti Dinar


Many people believe that there has been similarities in the value of Iraqi Dinar and Kuwaiti dinar. There was a time when Kuwaiti currency was considered to good to invest. If we compare the circumstances before the First Gulf War, Kuwait had a good build infrastructure as compared to Iraq needed much attention and investment. Although both had similar value of their currency but both were maintained in different scenarios. Kuwait got a diversified economy as compared to Iraq at that time.