NYPD Needs a Warrant Prior to Using Cell-Site Simulator: Judge

A judge in Brooklyn has marked that some evidence against the suspect will be thrown out due to the NYPD (New York Police Department) used a cell-site simulator to track down a More »

A Police Detective in Baltimore critically injured during investigation

On Wednesday evening, a homicide police detective in Baltimore was shot in the head and critically injured. The police officials have indicated that this incident has happened when he confronted a man More »

At least 1 Dead and 7 Injured due to a Heavy Windy Storm in Seattle

Some news networks have reported that at least one person killed and 5 people were injured on Monday. A heavy storm knocked around Seattle and most of Western Washington with massive winds More »

Is Turkish-Iranian businessman Raza Zarrab still in prison?

The Daily Hürriyet has reported on 11th November that Turkish-Iranian jailed businessman Raza Zarrab is currently in the New York. His lawyer Seyda Yildirim said that Zarrab wasn’t freed from prison due More »

EVs will be built by Ford with Chinese automaker in a deal

Over the past couple of months, China has been making plans and deals to detach its country’s cars off fossil fuels. In the month of July, Daimler agreed to pair up with More »


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The 4:44 of Jay-Z is much better than your Expectations

The 4:44 of Jay-Z is much better than your Expectations

The 4:44 of Jay-Z is much better and contains lyrics that address the unfaithfulness of rumors that Beyoncé raised in her visual album Lemonade. But, the producer of Jay-Z Queen Bey was directly involved and informed The New York Times in a Q&A published in the weekend that “I always call Bey as our de facto A&R”. Point to be noted that the A&R division of record label is

Canada Banned Beyonce to perform in their Country


A website “American News” published an article on 14th February 2016 and reported that a famous singer “Beyonce” has been restricted to perform in Canada because of her allegedly use of her performance at Super Bowl in the month of February 2016. This platform is being focused on black power. The published article was deceptively quoted with attentive headline that Canada Doesn’t Allow Beyonce to Perform in their Country.

Bear Hunter – An Addictive Running Cum Hunting Game

Bear Hunter

Bear hunters is endlessly running cum hunting game to avoid capture and hunter. It is a fun filled game but you need to be tricky and patient while playing.

The Good:

The graphics are really awesome, bright and entertaining which make the game really thrilling. There is an endless fun that comes on every coming step.

Review Site Yelp Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against South Park Comedy Show

Review Site Yelp Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against South Park Comedy Show

A website ‘News Examiner’ published an article on 21st October 2015 indicating that an online review website ‘Yelp’ has filed an accusation of 10 million U.S dollars against Central television Comedy show series ‘South Park’ for spoofing Yelp in one of their episode. In the month of October 2015, Yelp Inc. submitted an accusation of 10 million U.S dollars against the Central Comedy television series maker of ‘South Park’.

Advantages Of Online Piano Sheet Music


Finding the piano sheet music is very common in these days. The internet is very helpful source in this regard. There are all types of piano sheet music. If you will get the sheet music, you will feel very convenient in playing any music.  You may need different piano sheet music for many different reasons.

Teal Pumpkin Outside A Home On Halloween Offering Non-Food Treats With Food Allergies


Most of the kids having food allergies are usually left out of Halloween party and explore by visiting door to door in the confidences that someone would offer toys or unconventional treats surely shows a trick with full of obstacles. There is still a major link between candy and Halloween, due to this factor the Food Allergy Research & Education Group established with their work the “Teal Pumpkin Project”, thought up in a way to facilitate families dealing in with food allergies to get some of the night celebrations without having sacrificed the tradition.

Legal Ways in Finding Free Printable Piano Sheet Music


The pianists always need a dependable source to continue & enjoy their piano practice. There are many types of printed sheet music having different formats such as single papers, folded sheets, hard back and paper back. The new Golden Standard identifies that most of the blank printable sheet music are free for the modern day society for their satisfaction about piano music. Most of the online free piano sheet music has been expired their copyright that reflects the traditional music.

Mr. Peebles – The World’s Smallest Cat


A photograph published by Mr. Peebles on the Internet of the World’s smallest cat, this smallest Cat is look like a small kitten, it is said that this cat is almost 2 year-old. It is expected that this cat has a generic problem in growth. Its size is just 15.5 cm in height (6.1 inch) and 49 cm in length (19.2 inch). This unique cat has entered as world’s smallest cat in Guinness Book of World Records.

Is Meek Mill Grandson of Martin Luther King Jr.?


In the month of august 2015, a website NotAllowedTo.com posted an article reported that it has been proved biologically by a DNA test that 1960’s civil rights activist Martin Luther King was the grandfather of rapper Meek Mill. A number of users also shared this post on social media websites. Most of the posts added that the real name is Robert Rohmeek Williams of rapper Meek Mill and it has been proved by a biological examination,

Man Sues Wife After Seeing Her First Time Without Make-up


A man litigated his bride straightaway after their marriage for cheating him by wearing makeup. A large number of various news outlets including Yahoo published a news story about a man who litigated his wife straight away for cheating him after their marriage because she supposedly secreted her deficiency of good look from him by wearing makeup. This news defines that a man sued his newly wedded bride because a shocking moment from her when he saw her for the first time without makeup.