NYPD Needs a Warrant Prior to Using Cell-Site Simulator: Judge

A judge in Brooklyn has marked that some evidence against the suspect will be thrown out due to the NYPD (New York Police Department) used a cell-site simulator to track down a More »

A Police Detective in Baltimore critically injured during investigation

On Wednesday evening, a homicide police detective in Baltimore was shot in the head and critically injured. The police officials have indicated that this incident has happened when he confronted a man More »

At least 1 Dead and 7 Injured due to a Heavy Windy Storm in Seattle

Some news networks have reported that at least one person killed and 5 people were injured on Monday. A heavy storm knocked around Seattle and most of Western Washington with massive winds More »

Is Turkish-Iranian businessman Raza Zarrab still in prison?

The Daily Hürriyet has reported on 11th November that Turkish-Iranian jailed businessman Raza Zarrab is currently in the New York. His lawyer Seyda Yildirim said that Zarrab wasn’t freed from prison due More »

EVs will be built by Ford with Chinese automaker in a deal

Over the past couple of months, China has been making plans and deals to detach its country’s cars off fossil fuels. In the month of July, Daimler agreed to pair up with More »


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U.S President and its Administration is Destroying the U.S Economy: Vladimir Putin


A Facebook page “The Original Wake up People” posted a meme on 15th February 2016. This page republished an old meme and claimed a statement allegedly declared by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This meme claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the U.S President and his administration for the implementation of social democracy.

Happy Ending of a Difficult Talk in Beijing

Barack Obama and Xi Jinping.

This week, the Obama’s visit to China, will make him clear that he has found the city of traffic as a traffic free, crystal blue skies, powerful officials, who have made their minds against him. Obama is coming to China in order to participate in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) Summit in Beijing on Monday and Tuesday at the start of the short regional tour- later in the week, he will attend the association of the southeast Asian nations summit,

ISIS Had Prior Information About Alan Henning’s Aid Mission


ISIS were tilted off about the British Hostage Alan Henning’s aid mission to Syria and seized him after half an hour after he entered the country, it has emerged, his capture details have come to light, it was also revealed that Al-Qaida, the terror group behind the September 11 attacks, have pleaded with ISIS for his release.Mr.Henning, who is a father of two Eccles and Salford, travelled to war torn region with charity workers in December, but he was kidnaped and now faces execution at the hands of jihadi terrorist john.

Murder Video on Mobile : A New Terrorrist Weapon


Iraq is again in trouble by the militant attacks; Obama administration has decided to send more boots on the ground of the Iraq. U.S. fighter jets have stepped up attacks on Islamic state of Iraq with the approval of the Obama Administration. Ari Strikes are yet continued and U.S. aircraft have conducted 14 air strikes near the Mousal Dam, and with the efforts of the US security forces, Iraqi forces and Kurdish have taken control of the dam. US security forces have taken control of all the sensitive places of Iraq and search operation is continued against the militants.