The Honorary Mayor Stubbs has died at the Age 20

On Saturday, the animal’s owners have announced the death of “Stubbs” the cat. Stubbs lived for 20 years and 3 months. He was a hero until the very last day of his More »

Brock Lesnar was not enrolled in the USADA Testing Pool: Jeff Novitzky

The former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has just taken steps required for anti-doping policy by the UFC. Some reports have indicated that Lesnar is looking for a return to the octagon. More »

Trump will not get a Full State Visit to UK & Red Carpet will not rolled out for Him: Sadiq Khan

There were a series of planned demonstrations and protests regarding sending an invitation to the U.S President Donald Trump. More than 2 million people have signed a petition demanding not to send More »

A Jet Blast Killed a New Zealand Woman at Maho Beach

A Freak Accident killed a New Zealand woman at the time when she was enjoying her holidays and watching planes take off at a beach. 57-years old Gayleen McEwan was on holiday More »

Qatar Airways submitted clearance to buy stake: American Airlines

On Wednesday, the American Airlines Inc issued a statement that state-owned Qatar Airways has updated its antitrust filing with the regulators in the United States and looking for a clearance buying up More »


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More from iPhone 7 Rumor Mill

iPhone 7

According to sources, the iPhone 6S will be launched in September, it is not a surprise for us because new models mostly launched in the month of September. Apple has started to order camera sensors for iPhone 6C from Sony, it means Samsung is producing the A9 processor and it is expected to be available in the iPhone 6S.

Google’s Driverless Cars Make their Way onto Silicon Valley Roads

Self Driving Cars

Google’s Self-driving cars have officially started their journey on the roads of Mountain View, California. Now you can sit back and reach at your destination without tension of driving, so driving your cars with steering from one point to another is going to close. These are self-determining vehicles that share creepily similar features to a wombat.

Honda to Come With CR-Z at Pikes Peak This Year

Honda to Come With CR-Z at Pikes Peak This Year

Our authentic source at Honda confirmed some important details that Honda is beating the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with its CR-Z, which is considered as an electric power-train driving & steering with its all four wheels on twisty mountain route. Honda is running its CR-Z at Pikes Peak this year; it is not a normal CR-Z, its specific racing model packs as an experimental power-train.

App Updates – A Strategic Tool to Spark Upade Downloads of Your Old App

App Update

The iOS and Android developers have released updates as they described it ‘an extremely high frequency’. These new updates are regular on Android. The apps on iTunes are being updated after every 59 days and apps on Google Play are being updated after every 28 days. Most of the experts say that updates boost downloads and normally these updates are available when the app suffers from poor performance.

DMV Releases Driverless Cars’ Crash Data

Driverless Car

On Thursday, the California Motor Vehicles Department has released incident reports. The California Department of Motor Vehicles refused last time for issuing reports because according to the state law, collision reports should be confidential. Initial release by California DMV says, most of the accidents happened when the car was in self-driving mode,

Vimeo Launched Update for Cameo Eliminating Social Networking Feature


Last year, Vimeo introduced a video editing platform named Cameo and now Vimeo has launched an upgraded and complete suite of their app. New update of Cameo include most similar features such as editing, importing and HD video support, but in redesigning process social networking features of Cameo have been removed in this new update.

Amazon Will Get More States for its Shipments in the U.S


If you are thinking that Amazon is the only one that is fighting with tooth and nail in getting permission to manage delivery plans in the United States, then you are too slow. The Internet shopping titan has advised the oversight committee to define the states and cities that are not allowed and to regulate the effeminate planes having the approval by the Federal Aviation Administration.

BlackBerry to Launch Android Based Smartphone


Reuters has indicated from a number of sources that BlackBerry is planning to introduce an Android operating system at the end of this year. According to the source, the introduction of the android does not mean the end of blackberry 10 but the decline in the sale of Waterloo Company’s is indicated by this big move.

Federal Employees Private Data Stolen


Last week, a federal worker union issued a statement that a massive Office of Personnel Management data hacked and it has damaged more than the government is admitting regarding loss. The employees of American Federation of Government confirmed that the hackers have stolen the social security numbers of every present federal employee and retiree.  The Associated Press has confirmed that it has a letter which is addressed to the OPM and it was written by J. David Cox the President of AFGE.

Instagram Is Sending Emails to Boost User Engagement


Instagram is now planning to send emails to the users who have slowed down using it. Being a trendy social network, if the growth starts declining, instagram sends emails to those who are not using it frequently.