Faith Adviser to the U.S President Trump responded to Deadly Flu issue

Deadly Flu

At least 70 people have died during recent years after one of the severe bouts of flu in North Texas. But, a sincere adviser to the U.S President Trump, Tarrant County televangelist Gloria Copeland needs to know that there isn’t anything, such as flu season. She posted a video last week on Facebook that “We got a duck season, a deer season, but we don’t have a flu season”. “We don’t receive it when somebody threatens you with, ‘Everyone’s getting the flu!’, Jesus himself gave us the flu shot”. It is not clear that the Copeland was crediting Jesus with the development of the flu vaccine or suggested that getting flu shot is needless. The representative for the Kenneth Copeland Ministries (her family’s organization) hasn’t yet made any comment.

Gloria Copeland, her husband, and their daughter have expressed disbelief or bitterness toward vaccines and medicine in the past. Kenneth Copeland challenged during a televised broadcast at least 7-years ago that his great-grandson needed vaccines recommended by doctors. She said that all of the shots and all the stuff they needed to put in his body was considered as it is criminal. So, we should be a lot more serious about it. Eagle Mountain International Church, led by the Copelands’ daughter Terri Pearsons in Tarrant County, was scrutinized in 2013 when its congregants were exposed to measles after a visitor who had been overseas attended a service. At least 21 people connected to the church contracted measles. 16 of them weren’t vaccinated and the others may have had at least one vaccination.

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