Hair Impression video of Donald Trump without his MAGA Hat

Trump's Hair

At the end of one of those chaotic weeks of news, a video might be viral during the coming weeks regarding a video showing the U.S President Trump boarded Air Force One on last Friday. The video was showing that the overpowered wind across the airport with extraordinary power. Donald Trump usually has a MAGA hat for such events, but this time he wasn’t well prepared for an unexpected event. The video showed that he was walking on the stairs of Air Force One and almost entire cameras had a clear-facing view of the U.S President Trump. Suddenly howling gusts lifted his combed-over hairs directly into the air.

His long-concealed bare skull was suddenly exposed to the daytime cable viewers. It has been considered the worst hair day for Trump. It seems that the efforts of the U.S President in hiding his hair loss. The image presents the moral code of Trump and he is a man dominated by the alleged image. It is important that Trump is really working hard in securing Americans by taking a number of measures. He passed and signed a number of executive orders to prevent non-Americans entering the United States legally or illegally. He has been experiencing criticism from a number of organizations, Tech companies and individuals due to his non-friendly approach, especially against Muslim community in the United States and various Muslim countries.

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