Iran can cut Nuclear Deal in just a Couple of Hours after imposing New U.S Sanctions: Rouhani

On Tuesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran can discard its nuclear agreement with world powers “Within hours” if the United States will try to impose more new sanctions. Rouhani delivered his words in a live broadcast Iranian parliament session on state television that If America needs to again try a past experience of imposing sanctions on Iran, we will respond in a short amount of time and it would not be as long as a week or a month, but within just a few hours. He also said that conditions have become more advanced and anything can happen prior to starting the negotiation process. Iran stressed that new U.S sanctions are breaching the agreement signed in 2015 with the United States, Russia, 3 European Powers and China.

Iran had confirmed in the agreement to decrease its nuclear work in return for the lifting of various major sanctions. The U.S Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has confirmed that new U.S sanctions were irrelevant to the Iran nuclear deal. Haley responded Rouhani and issued a statement on Tuesday, the agreement confirms that Iran will be held responsible for its Missile launches, terrorism support, human rights violations, and violations of the resolutions of the U.N Security Council. He added that Iran is not allowed to use the nuclear deal to hold the world hostage. Haley will also travel to Vienna next week in order to point out nuclear activities of Iran with the U.N atomic watchdog officials. The U.N Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that Iranian nuclear deal has been considered one of the major diplomatic achievements regarding peace and security.

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