Russia respond NATO that Russia has the Most Powerful Army in the World

A senior Russian lawmaker has criticized recent reports and threatened Russian retaliation that the Western military alliance NATO was looking to enlarge its military infrastructure. On Wednesday, Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee in Russian Lower House of Parliament, Yuri Shvytkin responded to reports that NATO was seeking to enhance its structure to include 2 new commands. These 2 new commands especially designed to boost its mobility across Europe and to bolster its military forces in the Arctic. It’s a location where Russia has also increasingly set its sights. Shyvtkin said that Moscow might be willing to defend its western borders with new formations of its own. It is clear to everyone that Russia doesn’t carry violence against any country or state. He added that Russia has the most powerful army in the world. On 6th August 2017, Russian servicemen celebrate their victory in the Safe Route competition at the International Army Games 2017 at the Andreyevsky military polygon outside Tyumen, Russia.

The military of Russia has undergone a major modernization in the past several years. The report has initially appeared in The Wall Street Journal and it reported that the officials of NATO said that the 2 new commands were planned in response to growing military capabilities of Russia and to provide a much better preemption for coalition member states. Russia has been considered 2nd only to the U.S. in terms of global military power. But, major reforms and renovations to Moscow’s armed forces have led the U.S. military to express major concerns as to its preparedness should a conflict break out. Paratroopers of NATO armies take part in the “Swift Response 2017” military drill. It is a part of the “Saber Guardian 2017” exercise on 18th July 2017 at Bezmer airfield, Bulgaria. It is important that Both NATO and Russia have fiercely expanded their military infrastructures across Europe.

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