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Iraq’s economy strong; Will not be affected by the new financial crisis

Iraq’s economy strong

Iraq’s economy strong; Will not be affected by the new financial crisis
A new economic crisis is being expected in the international market because the United States of America could not approve its annual budget till the date. United States of America is fang this situation second time. Before this,  it happened in 2008 when Iraq could not approve its budget in the due period. Some of the Dinar experts are of the view that this situation in America can be resulted in a global economic crisis.

Deletion of Three Zeros And Its Benefit For The Investors

Deletion of three zeros has reached a decision which will happen very soon. This is an effort to increase the value of Iraqi dinar. This is an increase an effort to bring the Iraqi Dinar value in line with an international standard. Iraq is a country that is trying to manage from devastation, recovering from political and social welfare. According to the financial experts, this new change in value will open up the gate of success for, and this will open up the new gates of investment for the foreign world.

Experts Opinion About New Iraqi Dinar RV

Many financial experts are saying that Iraqi Dinar is on the road of being re denominated by the government of Iraq. As the political and economic conditions of Iraq are getting much better, and in this scenario, Iraqi dinar revaluation will occur soon. Many investors are seeing the opportunity invest in Iraqi dinar by just following the Iraqi dinar revaluation news. Long awaited revaluation of Iraqi dinar will be taking place anytime, and this will make thousands of people rich and prosperous.

Central Bank of Iraq Maintain The New Iraqi Dinar Value

CBI further mentioned in its analysis that as this currency revalues or come to the level where it become 1 to 1 then need of issuance of new currency notes will become necessary. It is all depends upon the RV (revaluation of Iraqi dinar).As there is some political crisis these days in Iraq and people are predicting that with the removal of this government only, Iraqi Dinar revaluation is possible, and this is the reason people and the opposition are demanding the removal of this government. Government in this regard has become active, and tried to meet with high officials to discuss all the issues.

National Committee Resolve The Political Crisis in Iraq

Sadoun said, there are many rumours in the air that the committee has conflicts in it and going to be resolved very soon. He said all of the committee members are working in a full pleasant environment of comfort and ease and we are hoping to get all issues of legislation resolved very soon. We expect to finalize all of these issues with the good deal of time. We want this committee a life time memorable committee of the Iraq and we want that people would memorize the committee members forever.

Current Revolution in Iraq

In 2003, Iraqi change displaced the Sunnis figures and handed it to the Shiite figures. And this was considered as the Shiite revolution after 1979 and 1982 and with this prominent outcome has had I.e. “Hezbollah”

Nowadays Iraqi conflict seems to be more curious and clear; it has an ideological cover that has fewer problems than any other sort of fight in the “Arab Spring” countries.

Iraq Kicked Turkish Company From The Contract

According to the dinar news report, Iraq has awarded as a drilling contract with the Kuwait Energy. And with this Kuwait energy will explore the more oil reserves. With the Kuwait energy, Dragon Oil of United Arab Emirates, Turkey State Run TPAO. This is the three-member group that has won the contract during the public auction that was held from 30 may to 31 may wherein finally agreed value of $6.24 service fee per barrel. However, oil ministry of Iraq announced that TPAO was expelled from the project and it was supposed to develop within the oil-rich Basra province.

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