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Faith Adviser to the U.S President Trump responded to Deadly Flu issue

Deadly Flu

At least 70 people have died during recent years after one of the severe bouts of flu in North Texas. But, a sincere adviser to the U.S President Trump, Tarrant County televangelist Gloria Copeland needs to know that there isn’t anything, such as flu season. She posted a video last week on Facebook that

Hair Impression video of Donald Trump without his MAGA Hat

Trump's Hair

At the end of one of those chaotic weeks of news, a video might be viral during the coming weeks regarding a video showing the U.S President Trump boarded Air Force One on last Friday. The video was showing that the overpowered wind across the airport with extraordinary power. Donald

Expected Shutdown from Trump Enforced U.S House to Pass Funding Extension

Expected Shutdown from Trump Enforced U.S House to Pass Funding Extension

On Tuesday evening, the U.S House passed a bill to prevent a government shutdown proposed on Thursday. The U.S Senate leaders are hopeful to clear the way for years of budget consensus during current week with a long-term spending agreement. The U.S President Donald Trump has made a fresh call to shut down the government regarding immigration, as the U.S Congress is working to keep things moving.

Trump, You Have Blood On Your Hands: NYC Protesters

On Monday evening, a large number of demonstrators gathered along 5th Avenue Manhattan near Trump Tower. They were shouting angry expressions and holding signs with crossed-out Nazi symbols and Confederate imagery. The gathering has been considered a part of the continuous reaction against U.S President Donald Trump regarding his half-hearted response to

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