U.S Government will Face a Lawsuit Filed by Kaspersky over Software Ban

Kaspersky filed a lawsuit

It shouldn’t be considered a surprise that Kaspersky Lab isn’t pleased that the U.S government has banned its software due to the alleged involvement in Russian interference. The security firm has accused the Trump administration and challenged the ban. The firm indicated that the command of DHS (Department of Homeland Security) didn’t provide September memorandum due to it was under-processing; it badly degraded the reputation of the company. Kaspersky claimed in an open letter that their officials took action on “non-technical and subjective” sources of information. Some of them include unconfirmed reports and the efforts at mutual benefits were largely one-sided. The company has made much better attempts to present its concerns, but there wasn’t assumingly such opportunity to be discovered and the DHS issued its order.

The company is unusually disturbed that the DHS was concerned about expected security threats that are true of antivirus tools as a whole. There wasn’t any evidence that Kaspersky was up to no good. Most antivirus companies use the cloud to gather and process malware samples, but these were treated as unique issues. Kaspersky is concerned that the DHS issued its decisive order simply due to the antivirus maker’s origin was Russia. Whether or not Kaspersky has a case, it faces an uphill battle. It offered independent reviews of its source code in a bid to prove it’s not a Russian government mole, but officials have said it wouldn’t be enough to change their mind. Like it or not, it may have to go without US government contracts so long as there’s even a mild suspicion that it might be working on the Russian government’s behalf.

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