Google hires Danielle Brown as its New Vice President of Diversity

Google is continuously launching various types of projects and investing large amounts to diversify its workforce. The latest diversity report of the company is showing that it still needs a long way to go. Point to be noted that Google has at least 31 percent female personnel of its entire population of employees and they are just 20 percent involved in the Tech workforce of the company. Just 1 percent of their tech roles are filled by Black Googlers. They make up not more than 5 percent of the entire employee count of the company. Last year, the number of Hispanic Googlers and the number of women in Tech have been increased by 1 percent. It has been confirmed that the company is still focusing on white and male.

Experts believe that Mountain View still needs a lot more work to be done. It might be the reason why the company hired Danielle Brown as their new Vice President of Diversity. Brown had served as Vice President of Intel and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer. Now, she will manage diversity and inclusion strategy of Google. A 2016 report has indicated that Intel is not more diverse as compared to the Giant Google and its women make up just 25.8 percent of its entire amount of employees and Black employees are just 3.73 percent of the population. It is expected that Brown will add some fresh eyes as the company needs to achieve much better results.

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