Why Supreme Court of Kenya Cancelled Election Poll?

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of Kenya said that it nullified re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta due to the electoral commission rejected to initiate an investigation for its computerized system that transmitted More »

Democracy should be restored in Venezuela as soon as possible: Donald Trump

On Monday, the U.S President Donald Trump said that he needs democracy in Venezuela to be restored as soon as possible. He also warned that the United States will take additional steps More »

Hurricane Maria has become More Disastrous Storm near Caribbean Islands

Maria is becoming a major and more dangerous hurricane as it nears the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean. The U.S National Hurricane Center has indicated that category 1 hurricane will rapidly strengthen More »

4 Countries will be sanctioned by the U.S due to not cooperating on Deportees

On Wednesday, Trump administration has announced that the U.S government is punishing 4 countries for being uncooperative for accepting their nationals facing deportation from the United States. The U.S State Department and More »

What are the Next expected targets of Hurricane Irma?

Hurricane Irma is now moving towards Miami, after weaving a disastrous path through the Caribbean. The current movement of Irma is showing the Category 5 storm may head out to sea after More »


There isn’t enough money to protect Trump & his family: Secret Service

Security outside Trump Tower, on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan

On Monday, the Secret Service issued a statement that there isn’t enough money to manage the cost for protection the U.S President Donald Trump and his family by the end of September 2017. The agency might hit federally mandated cap on salaries and overtime till intervene of the U.S Congress. The agency officials have indicated that if legislators don’t lift the cap regarding a third

Watch Solar Eclipse Totality today on 21st August 2017

Watch Solar Eclipse Totality today on 21st August 2017

Today, on 21st August 2017, everyone would love entirely sunny skies, but it might not be happened. On Sunday evening, the National Weather Service has indicated that the viewing of solar eclipse will be good. The official forecast for Grand Island mentioned patchy fog till 9 am and there might be a chance of thunderstorms and showers in the evening after 7 pm. The forecast also indicated partly sunny skies during the remaining day.

Most people doesn’t Know Most Important Things about Hope Hicks

Most people doesn’t Know Most Important Things about Hope Hicks

It was announced that Hope Hicks (one of Donald Trump’s most loyal and long-term aides) will serve as the interim White House Communications Director, following Anthony “The Mooch” well-known 10-day run of Scaramucci. Hicks also served as the strategic communications director of the president and the sole gatekeeper managing his media interviews. 28-year-old

Iran can cut Nuclear Deal in just a Couple of Hours after imposing New U.S Sanctions: Rouhani

Iran can cut nuclear deal

On Tuesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran can discard its nuclear agreement with world powers “Within hours” if the United States will try to impose more new sanctions. Rouhani delivered his words in a live broadcast Iranian parliament session on state television that If America needs to again try a past experience of imposing sanctions on Iran, we will

Trump, You Have Blood On Your Hands: NYC Protesters

Protest against Trump

On Monday evening, a large number of demonstrators gathered along 5th Avenue Manhattan near Trump Tower. They were shouting angry expressions and holding signs with crossed-out Nazi symbols and Confederate imagery. The gathering has been considered a part of the continuous reaction against U.S President Donald Trump regarding his half-hearted response to

A Woman Driver raised Gun to get through traffic on a Highway

A Woman Driver raised Gun to get through traffic on a Highway

Ben McNeil and his son Jacob captured a video of a female driver in a red pick-up truck during traveling in Texas, United States early in the morning. The video pointed out that a female pick-up truck driver was allegedly filmed as appeared to be a gun at frightened father and son in the car next to her and they raced along a highway. The video shows a woman appears to raise a

Tropical Storm Franklin hit the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexican Gulf

Tropical Storm Franklin hit the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexican Gulf

On Monday, Reuters have informed that Tropical Storm Franklin has moved toward the tourist hubs along Caribbean coast in Mexico. The NHC (U.S National Hurricane Center) has indicated that storm will struck the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula at the south of major resorts. The NHC also mentioned that heavy rainfall and flooding is expected across the Yucatan and most parts of Belize.

Did Bernie Sanders join UAW in Mississippi against Nissan Company?


The Hollywood celebrities and high-profile leaders from Democratic Party are teaming up with the United Auto Workers; it was due to support Big Labor gain footing in Southern states in the U.S. point to be noted that a deal won by the UAW with Japanese-based Nissan Motor Co. it is allowing at least 4 thousand full-time employees to vote on either to manage as a labor union at

MAX delays on Tuesday and a Response from TriMet Union Blaming Management

MAX delays on Tuesday and a Response from TriMet Union Blaming Management

The statement issued by the union representing TriMet employees that the MAX system on Tuesday issue caused massive amount of delays and it left hundreds of travelers waiting at stations and on trains in Ore, Portland. The President of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757, Shirley Block issued a statement on Wednesday that disturbance on Tuesday was preventable

A Powerful and United NATO is essential due to Russian Aggression: Mark Pence

Mike Pence on 3 day visit

On Monday, the U.S Vice President Mike Pence said that the Threat of Invasion from Russia has built a stronger and united NATO has its own importance in the current circumstances since the Soviet Union scattered. He added that Russia is looking to redesign international borders by force. Pence delivered his words during a meeting with the leaders from Baltic States of Latvia,