NYPD Needs a Warrant Prior to Using Cell-Site Simulator: Judge

A judge in Brooklyn has marked that some evidence against the suspect will be thrown out due to the NYPD (New York Police Department) used a cell-site simulator to track down a More »

A Police Detective in Baltimore critically injured during investigation

On Wednesday evening, a homicide police detective in Baltimore was shot in the head and critically injured. The police officials have indicated that this incident has happened when he confronted a man More »

At least 1 Dead and 7 Injured due to a Heavy Windy Storm in Seattle

Some news networks have reported that at least one person killed and 5 people were injured on Monday. A heavy storm knocked around Seattle and most of Western Washington with massive winds More »

Is Turkish-Iranian businessman Raza Zarrab still in prison?

The Daily Hürriyet has reported on 11th November that Turkish-Iranian jailed businessman Raza Zarrab is currently in the New York. His lawyer Seyda Yildirim said that Zarrab wasn’t freed from prison due More »

EVs will be built by Ford with Chinese automaker in a deal

Over the past couple of months, China has been making plans and deals to detach its country’s cars off fossil fuels. In the month of July, Daimler agreed to pair up with More »


Russia respond NATO that Russia has the Most Powerful Army in the World

Russia a powerful army

A senior Russian lawmaker has criticized recent reports and threatened Russian retaliation that the Western military alliance NATO was looking to enlarge its military infrastructure. On Wednesday, Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee in Russian Lower House of Parliament, Yuri Shvytkin responded to reports that NATO was seeking to enhance its structure to include 2 new commands. These 2 new commands especially designed to boost its mobility across Europe

U.S Senate Investigation Committee involved Personal Lawyer of Trump over Russia Probe

.S Senate Investigation Committee involved Personal Lawyer of Trump over Russia Probe

On Wednesday, the personal lawyer of Donald Trump, Michael Cohen returned to the Hill for a 2nd day of marathon testimony in front of the U.S Congress investigators for examining Russian interference in the U.S election 2016. On Wednesday morning, he stepped into the secure spaces of the U.S Senate Intelligence Committee and didn’t leave until 5’oclock.

Singapore will Impose a Ban on adding more Vehicles in the City

Singapore will Impose a Ban on adding more Vehicles in the City

The residents of Singapore will not be able to drive additional cars in the small city-state and it will be implemented in the month of February 2018. The country is introducing a supposed ban similar as a line in the sand in keeping the island from becoming overwhelmed with massive amount of vehicles and choking traffic.

Pentagon Experiencing increasing Demand Regarding information on Niger Attack

Niger Attack

On Thursday, members of the U.S Congress have demanded answers 2 weeks after an attack in the African nation Niger which killed 4 U.S soldiers. The White House defended the slow pace of information and said that an investigation would eventually offer clarity regarding a tragedy that has morphed into a political dispute in the United States. Why were the Americans apparently

Flames destroyed historic teak wood Yangon hotel in Myanmar

Fire at Yangon Hotel

On Thursday, a fire tore through a luxury teak wood hotel in Yangon city of Myanmar and killed one person. The fire destroyed the iconic resort which is famous among foreign visitors. A large number of firefighters tried to stop flames which broke out at around 3’Oclock. The firefighters said that there were unable to stop the blazes from consuming the lakeside Kandawgyi Palace

Fusion GPS information doesn’t Comply with Requirements: Nunes

Fusion GPS information doesn’t Comply with Requirements: Nunes

On Monday, a letter obtained by Business Insider has indicated that Fusion GPS is planning to decline the request of Rep. Devin Nunes (the chairman of committee) to testify prior to present panel by entreating constitutional benefits. A research firm produced the disputed information database having unverified allegations regarding President Trump and Russia.

Important Events Took Place on 12th October 2017

Important Events Took Place on 12th October 2017

On Thursday, 12th October 2017, there were some major events took place. Some of the most important events will be discussed here. At least 21 people have been killed due to massive flames and it destroyed more than 3,500 houses and structures in most of the Sonoma’s wine country. the Sonoma County sheriff said that at least 380 people are still missing in fires in the hard-hit county and their loved one are searching them.

Hackers of North Korea had stolen War Plans Data of South Korea

KCNA picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un speaking during the Second Plenum of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea

A report has indicated that hackers of North Korea have collected military secrets last year from South Korea. It includes a plan to truncate the leadership of North Korea. A South Korean lawmaker has indicated that the 235GB of data had been stolen from South Korea. It contains detailed plans in participation with the U.S, including possibilities and infrastructure

Wildfire Caused Evacuation of Patients from Hospitals in Northern California

Wildfire Caused Evacuation of Patients from Hospitals in Northern California

On Monday, the officials have indicated that at least 2 hospitals in Northern California evacuated their patients due to deadly wildfires spread across more than 57 thousand acres and destroyed at least 1,500 structures. Initial reports have mentioned that 130 patients were evacuated from Santa Rosa medical center of Kaiser Permanente on Monday morning.

Hurricane Recovery Task Force of FCC for Communications Recovery

FCC creates Hurrican Task Force

Days after the FCC engaged 77 million U.S dollars to fix communications on Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico; reelected Chairman of FCC Ajit Pai has announced the formation of the Hurricane Recovery Task Force. The new Task Force will be deployed to repair damage caused by the plenty of storms during the entire season. But, the Task Force will focus on fixing the communications